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Georgetown, TX  78628

"The Rock's wet... it must be raining in RR3!"

Sun May 17, 2015 6:55am - Weather station issue.
It locked up about 24 hrs ago. The readings were lost.
I reset the station and forced 0.26 in. of missing rainfall.

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River Ridge III Weather station KTXGEORG4 at (Weather Underground) River Ridge III Weather station CW3077 at (CWOP/ARPSWXNET)

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River Ridge III Weather Conditions
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Conditions at
11:10pm on 5/22/15


72.3 °F

95 %
Dew Point
30.06 in
Rate 0.008 in/hr
SE at 8 mph
Average Wind (1hr)
4 mph
Heat Index (temp > 80°F)
78.7 °F
Wind Chill Index (temp < 50°F)
72.3 °F
Rainfall Rate
0.00 in/hr
24Hr Rain
0.08 in
Today's + Yesterday's Rain
1.69 in
Today's Extremes
High Temperature
72.6°F at 6:57pm
Low Temperature
61.2°F at 1:09am
High Humidity
100% at 9:36am
Low Humidity
91% at 12:00am
High Dew Point
72.6°F at 6:57pm
Low Dew Point
58.9°F at 12:01am
Peak Wind Gust
15 mph at 7:55pm
High Heat Index
79.8°F at 6:57pm
Low Wind Chill Index
59.6°F at 12:32am
Maximum Rainfall Rate
0.03 in/hr at 9:46am

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